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 The Trent Advantage  Calendar  

Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Parents, Teachers, and Staff that spend a lot of time to make our events such as the Halloween Carnival, Homecoming Week, and Thanksgiving Feast so awesome.  Without you none of this would be possible and we are enriching the lives of children.


  Pardon Our Dust

We are in the process of updating the website.  Stay Tuned for a bunch of exciting changes and updates!


Hear what one of our parents has to say about Trent!


  I am writing this review to express my compliments toward Trent International School.

My two children have been attending your school since their Pre-K Four Grades until now.

We had been happy with the advanced educational programs that my children have been received. Their classes were small and their teachers had spent remarkable time and attention to each student. Besides the advanced educational programs, my children had been taught about good discipline and proper behaviors

Since the Trent School has had several international students, my children has exposed to different cultures. Such experiences would prepare my children to function in a diverse world.

However, the most important reason that we continue to keep our children at the Trent School had been the wonderful principal, Mrs Huda. She had always listened to our concerns and had always responded quickly to our children's problems. Besides being concerned to our children's education, she had also been concerned about our children's well being. Mrs. Huda had been a teacher, an educator, and a mother to our children.

In conclusion, we trust Mrs Huda and the Trent School in educating our children and intend to keep our children at the Trent School until they reach 12th grade.

Sincerely Yours
Kim Chau










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PTO Meeting




Book Fair






Talent Show




Students Return



















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