The Nobel Program

Trent InternationalE School is proud to present a new program beginning in the Fall of 2017.  This new approach offers an extensive, in-depth after school course that is equipped to challenge students and further their college goals.

This program will focus primarily on academic preparation for top-tier universities both in the United States and internationally.  This will include intensive daily lessons after school, in which each day will focus on a specific subject.  These subjects will include but are not limited to English language skills, upper level math and science, speech, and history.  These courses not only create a space for studying for the Advanced Placement (AP) exams for college credit, but will help students to broaden their academic horizons while studying in the United States.

This program will be both selective and competitive.  By graduating from this program, students are equipped with the skills necessary to further their education at higher level universities throughout the world.