Physical Activity is an important part of one’s life, whether young or old. It is important to live an active lifestyle to reap future health benefits. I want my students to discover and understand the importance of taking care of themselves; especially at their young ages. I feel as though, the earlier you are educated about your health, the more interested you’ll be about taking your health into consideration as you grow and age. Physical education programs are imperative and directly benefit the students’ physical and overall health. I inform and educate my students to get the recommended amount of exercise, which combats obesity and decreases the risk for diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders and other multiple illnesses. I also teach them that regular exercise contributes to cardiovascular health and promotes bone and muscle development. Physical Education and Health, require both fitness and cognitive assessments. Here, students learn the main basics of living a healthful lifestyle, so that they can develop into healthy, physically active, knowledgeable adults.

At Trent InternationalE School we strive to lift students to their full potential. Through our after school programs we ensure that our students both work and train to maximize their potential. After school sports offer basic specific skill instruction to all of our student athletes, as well as more advanced coaching. These programs also emphasize teamwork to achieve common goals, increases each individuals performance, and allow students to learn and grow while having fun. Together, we all display Trent pride and unity.

Cheerleading- Based on organized routines which contain the components of dance,jumps, creative stunts, and cheers

Basketball- Learn dribbling, shooting, blocking,passing, and the importance of teamwork.

Soccer-Skillfully execute, dribbling, passing, shooting, and fast foot work.