Carpool Information

Trent InternationalE School offers optional bus transportation to students within a 5 miles radius. For more information contact the front office.

Carpool tags must be clearly visible. If you lose your carpool tag or require an additional one, you may purchase one at the front office for $5.00.

Important Carpool Rules:
Please look at the back of your carpool tag to understand how the traffic flows during carpool.

·         DO NOT block Cordes Dr. at any time.
·         DO NOT enter against the flow of traffic.
·         DO NOT cut through the line.
·         DO NOT pass cars that are waiting.

Students may be dropped off at school no earlier than 7:30 A.M.  Students who are dropped off earlier will incur additional charges if they are not signed up in our before and aftercare programs. However if you must drop them off earlier, please contact the front office and you will be charged the drop off rate.

If your child is supposed to leave at 2:00 and they have a sibling in another grade that does not leave until 3:00, they may go to extended day until 3:00 without charge. The carpool lane is by the curb during inclement weather. Cars need to follow the path in order to minimize the distance the children walk to get into the cars.

State law requires all students riding in a vehicle to wear a seat belt at all times.