Drop Offs and Pickups

Trent InternationalE School offers optional bus transportation to students within a 5 miles radius. For more information contact the front office.

Parents are not allowed to stop at their child’s classroom in the morning.

Attendants are present to receive students from 7:30 am – 7:50 am. Please wait for the attendant to open the car door for your child/children.

Lower school students arriving after 7:50 am must be walked into school by the parent and they must sign in.

Upper school students must sign in at the front office. Upper school students must be in class by 7:45 am.  After 7:45 am they must sign in for a tardy slip prior to going to class.

All students arriving before 7:30 am must be taken to the extended day program by the parent. Lower school students arriving after 7:50 am will be considered tardy, and lower school parents must walk them into the school office to sign them in. All students arriving late must pick up a tardy slip from the office before entering class. Please keep in mind that 4 tardies equal one day’s absence. Please do not drop off your children without the presence of a carpool attendant. Parents must park and come inside if carpool is not in progress.

Parents are not allowed to walk their child to the classroom after the second day of school.