Fort Bend County Fair Art Contest Winners

We would like to congratulate the following students who placed in the Fort Bend County Fair Art Contest.  These students worked hard very early in the year to achieve this great feat.  We are all very proud of our Trentsome Students!


Bogaerts, Mila: 1st Place

Patel, Kirtan: 2nd Place

Seth, Niyara: 1st Place

Rosa, Alice: 2nd Place

1st Grade

Akbari Ava :1st Place

Ali, Fatima: 1st Place

Bogaerts, Ava: 1st Place

2nd Grade

Kausch, Rane: 1st Place

Reza, Mahdiya: 2nd Place

Rosa Dos Santos, Samuel: 2nd Place

3rd Grade/4th Grade

Missal, Jakob: 1st place

Chau, Ann: 1st Place

Chau, Arthur: 2nd Place

Eke, Michael: 1st Place

Mullani, Ryley: 2nd Place

6th Grade

Esono Oyana, Juan: 2nd Place

Missal, Jonas: 2nd Place

7th Grade

Eke, Cristabel: 2nd place

Ali, Kiran: 2nd Place

8th Grade

Eke, Andrew: 2nd Place

Constantinides, Nicolas: 2nd Place

9th Grade

Naushad, Nuha: 1st Place

Ke Zhong, Christy: 2nd Place

10th Grade

Padilla, Amy: 1st Place

Sangani, Nikita: 2nd Place

Sangani, Nisha: 1st Place

Zhu Fangyu, Vanessa: 1st Place

Gordan, Danica: 2nd Place

11th Grade

Saab, Ramsey:2nd Place

12th Grade

Nguyen, Duyen: 1st Place

Yunyin Zhaung, Yasmine: 2nd Place

Fanghi Zhu, Bella: 2nd Place

Blackburn, Arestile: 2nd Place

Zhang Wen Kai, Bill:1st Place

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