International Students

Procedure for Issuing an I-20

“Trent InternationalE School is authorized under Federal law to enroll non immigrant students” -Department of Homeland Security

  • Arrange to take the pre-requisite standardized tests (ISEE or TOEFL).
  • Complete and submit the online application form along with the non-refundable $250 SEVIS administration fee.
  • Submit the following documents before issuing the I-20
    • Copy of the student’s passport.
    • Letter from the bank stating that parents, guardians, or the student has an account with sufficient funds to cover all fees for one academic year, plus at least $10,000 for living expenses or a certificate of deposit. This letter has to be in English and converted to US dollars and needs to be signed by a bank official.
    • I-134 Form: Affidavit of Support.  This form is to prove that the student has sufficient funds or an adequate means of financial support.  This form can be found on our website.
    • Guardianship Letter.  This letter is from parents designating a guardian for the student while attending the school.  The letter must be signed by the parents and officially notarized. Trent InternationalE School does not allow students to live by themselves or with other students.  Students must live with their official guardian.  This form can be found on our website.
    • Enrollment Contract- This form can be found on our website.
    • Original, official transcript and/or report card showing last 3 years of academics.  This will need to be translated to English in a sealed envelope from the current school.
    • Teacher Recommendation forms.  These forms can be found on our website.

These documents should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Admissions Office (  If your application is approved, the student will be given an appointment for a Skype or WeChat interview. Applicant should speak, understand, and read English.  International Students enrolled at Trent InternationalE School will be required to take an ESL course.

Letter of Guardianship
HAIS Common Teacher Recommendation – Grades 6-12 Math
HAIS Common Teacher Recommendation – Grades 6-12 English-2
HAIS Common Teacher Recommendation – Grades 1-5
HAIS Common Teacher Recommendation – EC-KN-2
Application Checklist for I20 Visa Students

I – 20 application 2017-18
Contract 2017-18

2018-19 i-20 Schedule of Fees

I – 20 application 2017-18 Chinese and English version

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