Kindergarten is a challenging and exciting year in the life of a child. For many children this is their first experience away from home all day every day, and for some children, their first year without naps. We will be very busy with rigorous Language Arts and Math concepts and exploring Science and Social Studies. The goal is to challenge each student and help them excel to their highest potential. Additionally, the children will have special area classes such as Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Chinese instruction. Every month, a news letter will be created informing the parents of the recent events in class, and what specific topics we will be studying for the month.

Our Kindergarten program is multi-dimensional and includes more than one method of teaching. Children’s individual development in learning is built on prior knowledge and experiences. Trent InternationalE School is pacing instructions not only on the Texas standards but also according to international objectives. Children will feel comfortable and secure as they learn and become successful. They are encouraged to take initiative and try new things as they learn to carry out specific activities.

Field trips, visiting authors, and helping the community are just a few of the exciting activities the students experience.

We are excited to bring IB (the International Baccalaureate) Primary Years Programme (PYP) to our Kindergarten program in near future. The PYP program focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world. It prepares students to become active, caring and life long learners who respects themselves and others while participating in the world around them.