Middle School


Middle School courses need to challenge and address the student’s abilities to learn and think.  At Trent, these courses are designed to help students develop good study habits while encountering and mastering content from various subjects.  A strong emphasis is placed on constructivism; as students experience learning, thinking, synthesizing, and analyzing by becoming active participants in their education.

Curriculum integration is a core part of the middle school experience.  The collaborative teacher-student planning and real-life personal and social issues add an exciting new dimension to students’ learning.  Teachers use multidisciplinary designs to draw from various sources to keep the middle school student interested and engaged at all times.  Trent encourages students to be active participants in their learning and open discussions on various topics.  Teachers offer powerful and significant input to make the students aware of a more thought provoking, democratic approach to problem solving.  Keeping the students interested and engaged is a hallmark of Trent’s academic tradition.

Trent also believes that a well-rounded student grows up to be a successful person. Athletics and the arts are an integral part of the middle school experience at Trent. Field trips are planned throughout the school year, while in-school clubs and activities help support a strong curriculum.

Sixth Grade math covers pre-algebra skills. Social Studies is a combination of learning about economics and Geography of the World. Science involves the study of Earth Science and covers such topics as earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering and deposition, as well as other Earth Science topics. For ELA, students learn about literary terms and story elements. Grammar and Writing are an integral part of this part of the curriculum. Students work on vocabulary skills through novels, short stories, and a vocabulary book. Students work a little more independently or with a partner on their assignments. Students also continue having the options to have Spanish and Chinese.