Student Life


Learning together, learning from each other, this is what Trent Student Life epitomizes. Fun –filled clubs and activities establish an environment where creativity is discovered, grows, and is achieved at the highest level. Students come to school guaranteed of an environment that is supportive, encouraging and above all with the knowledge that here at Trent being who they are is all they ever need to be. This philosophy ensures student success.

The goals and standards they set are something they can then commit to and concentrate on without worrying about what others will think of them. Trent is proud to say that in the 21 years since its inception, there has never been bullying of any kind and zero tolerance are not just some empty words. Students are taught to accept each other completely and embrace the differences while enjoying the similarities. A diverse group of student population allows for an exciting educational and cultural experience. Students realize very quickly that all they need to be is who they are and the rest is easy.

Trent is a place where students become independent, self-reliant and know they are surrounded by adults and peers who will help them on this amazing yet confusing time in their lives of self-discovery.

Students learn at a high level and a comprehensive curriculum coupled with extra-curricular activities sets a solid foundation as they prepare to go to college. Trent’s motto is every student must attend college.