All students must be in school uniforms that are only purchased from Parker uniform company.

All questions relating to uniforms must be directed to the front office.
·         Uniforms are checked daily by your child’s teacher. Uniform code will be adhered to strictly.
·         Uniforms must be clean and ironed.
·         Skirt and short lengths must be at the student’s fingertips or below when standing upright.
·         Shirts must be tucked in.
·         Black belts must be worn with pants and black ties tied appropriately with buttoned collars.
·         Students are required to purchase new uniforms if they become tattered, torn, or discolored.

Wednesday is official uniform day. Failure to wear the official uniform on Wednesday results in the student wearing the official uniform on Friday. They are not allowed to attend school in their Friday blue jeans and Trent t-shirt.

·         Please remember UNIFORMS include: black belts, all black shoes, white socks, and any other accessories. Parker Uniform Company is the provider for Trent InternationalE School uniforms.

·         Students must purchase the Trent PE uniform from Parker Uniform Company and also purchase all black sneakers for PE.  On PE days students are required to bring their PE uniform to school.

·         Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten may come dressed in PE uniforms on the days they have PE classes.
·         Students in grades 1-12 change from their school uniform into the PE uniform for PE.
·         Students are not allowed to participate in PE if they come to school without PE uniforms. Three violations per quarter will result in a failing grade for PE.
·         Use a permanent marker to label all clothing items.

Please go to www.parkersu.com or contact the front office for more details.