Visual Arts


Students in the Visual Arts Programs at Trent InternationalE School learn to communicate personal expression, cultural values, and heritage as they experience the power visual images have to influence human behavior. Art projects incorporate elements of problem solving, technical skills, and aesthetics in a variety of media.

Lower school students in pre-K 3 through fifth grade study art within an integrated curriculum which bridges subject matter with core-class units and themes. Holidays, field trip experiences, and performance programs are enriched with symbolic interpretative projects. Students master basic skills and are introduced to new mediums with technical applications. Individuality is respected, and the seeds of constructive open discussion and self-evaluation are planted. Students explore line, color, form, shapes, and texture while learning the dynamics of rhythm, acute observation, shading, composition, and color theory. Famous artists and their works are reflected upon during project instruction when historical information and artistic styles correlate.

Upper school students in sixth through twelfth grades use a progression of analytical and conceptual skills with each art project. Students create aesthetic resolutions using the elements of art and the principles of design. Bold graphic projects combine visual awareness, ingenuity, and critical thinking. Subject matter integrates into social studies, English, and environmental issues. Upper school grades compete in art competitions and start building an art portfolio for college review. Students create refined works of art that they can speak about and express artistic intent during classroom critiques.